About Frank Chenault

1423086015_Secret SpotAs a professional surfer, Frank Chenault draws on nearly a lifetime of experience riding the waves. He fell in love with the ocean and the coast when he first moved to Big Sur, California, with his family when he was a boy. Already a baseball player and golfer, Frank Chenault taught himself to surf and began competing at the amateur level around the age of 20.

As a competitor in the Untied States Surfing Federation’s state championships, Frank Chenault earned a fourth-place ranking and qualified for the national competition in Hawaii. He then relocated to Hawaii, where he competed in a number of Hawaiian Surfing Federation events before moving back to the West Coast. Since launching his professional career in 2003, he has participated in several Association of Surfing Professionals events, including a competition on the Atlantic coast of France.

An enthusiastic cook in his free time, Frank Chenault enjoys giving tropical dishes his own Big Sur flavor. An amateur artist in oil painting and an avid guitarist, he balances his leisure pursuits with leadership responsibilities as founder of acquisition group Chenault Enterprises. A devoted father first and foremost, however, he names his daughter as his greatest personal accomplishment and source of joy.


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