When to Visit Tahiti for Surfing



Longtime business leader Frank Chenault is the former acquisition director of the Quantum Group and current head acquisition director of his own Big Sur, CA-based company, Chenault Enterprises. In addition to his business endeavors in CA, Frank Chenault of Big Sur is a professional surfer who has traveled to such locations as Tahiti to surf and compete.

Although Tahiti’s surf spots stay fairly crowded with locals and visitors throughout the year, certain seasons are better than others for catching great waves.The island’s seasons run opposite those in the United States. Summertime lasts roughly from November to March. During this time, the island may experience some North Pacific swells; these swells are typically the same ones that hit Hawaii a few days before and are noticeably smaller from their travel. As Tahiti moves into fall, surfing opportunities start expanding. Between March and June, winds blow offshore and there is minimal rain.

Winter lasts roughly from June to August and is one of the best times for surfing in Tahiti. Breaks along the south and southwest coasts are mostly reef breaks, and the waves are powerful and hollow. These strong waves stay around until around October. However, spring brings slightly calmer waters, and the waves start coming less frequently; moreover, Tahiti experiences its rainy season during spring.


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