Saving the World’s Oceans through Ocean Sanctuaries

Ocean Sanctuaries pic
Ocean Sanctuaries

Frank Chenault of Big Sur, CA, is a professional surfer and the owner of Chenault Enterprises, LLC, where he serves as the CEO. A lover of long coastlines and rugged ocean waves, Frank Chenault supports Greenpeace in its mission to save the world’s oceans.

The world’s oceans support life in several ways, including by providing clean air, playing a role in crop growth by making rain, supporting both small and large species of animals, and regulating climate change. Additionally, fishermen and countless others around the world depend on the ocean for their livelihood.

While a lot is known about how oceans support life, these vast territories of water still hold plenty of mystery. For example, it is estimated that the oceans harbor 500,000 to 5,000,000 species that have yet to be discovered. In fact, less than 5 percent of the world’s oceans have been explored. Nonetheless, the future all of the ocean’s species, as well as for billions of people inhabiting the planet, is threatened by overfishing and ocean destruction.

Today, Greenpeace is working to save the planet’s species by advocating that 40 percent of the oceans be designated as ocean sanctuaries. These protected areas will include vital breeding and feeding grounds for millions of fish and other marine life. This will ensure that the oceans have an opportunity to recover from various destructive industrial practices.


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