A Brief Look at the Accomplishments of Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater pic
Kelly Slater
Image: surfline.com

Frank Chenault of Big Sur, CA, is an experienced acquisition director and founder of Chenault Enterprises. A professional surfer, Frank Chenault spends his free time remaining active throughout the Big Sur, CA, region. He also enjoys supporting other professional surfers such as Kelly Slater.

Kelly Slater is considered by many to be the most popular, accomplished, and influential professional surfer of all time. Over the last two decades Slater has captured a record 11 World Surf League championships, including five straight from 1994 through 1998, and an unprecedented 19 SURFER Poll Awards. He is the only professional to concede the top spot on SURFER Poll and later reclaim the No. 1 position. Slater is viewed not only as an elite competitive surfer, but an innovator who uses his free surfing time to explore the limits of surfing.

Longevity is another component of Slater’s decorated career. As recently as February 2016, Slater captured the Volcom Pipe Pro. He has achieved a number of additional top 5 finishes for the year and has not finished a season ranked lower than No. 9 overall since 1991.


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