Surfrider Foundation’s BWTF Improves Beach and Coastal Water Quality


Blue Water Task Force pic
Blue Water Task Force

A resident of Big Sur, CA, Frank Chenault is the former acquisition director of the Quantum Group and current owner and head acquisition director of Chenault Enterprises. As part of his long-time connection with Big Sur, CA, and his passion for the ocean, Frank Chenault supports several environmental organizations, including the Surfrider Foundation.

Dedicated to protecting oceans and beaches around the world, the Surfrider foundation maintains several programs and initiatives, including the Blue Water Task Force (BWTF). A volunteer-run program, the BWTF provides water testing, advocacy, and education to citizens around the world. The program maintains more than 40 water testing facilities in such areas as Virginia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and California. These facilities seek to discover and address water quality problems in their communities by measuring bacteria levels at freshwater and marine beaches. Recorded bacteria levels are compared to federal water quality standards to ensure that local communities are not encountering poor-quality water.

Since the BWTF’s inception, the organization has had a great deal of success in raising public awareness about water pollution. The program has identified several beach and coastal water pollution problems and has worked with local stakeholders to create and implement effective solutions.

Further, many state and local governments have created water quality monitoring programs based on the results from BWTF efforts. These programs seek to advance the BWTF’s work by filling in data gaps and improving public knowledge about water quality.


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