World Class Waves at Taapuna in Tahiti


 Papeete, Taapuna
Papeete, Taapuna

Frank Chenault of Big Sur, CA, is the acquisition director of his own company, Chenault Enterprises. When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling. Frank Chenault has visited many destinations, but is particularly fond of Tahiti. He is an avid surfer, and loves Tahiti for its people, energy, and waves. His favorite surf spot is Taapuna.

Located near Papeete, Taapuna features world-class waves. The area is crowded during weekends and sees a fair amount of surfers throughout the week. Although it offers consistent waves through most of the year, many surfers consider winter to be the best time for surfing. Taapuna is easy to find and well-suited for surfers who are experienced.

Taapuna boasts good, hollow surf regardless of the tides. The area is considered to be the original Tahitian “tube garden,” and most swells range from three to 10 feet. Winds in the area blow south, southeast, northeast, and east. Meanwhile, swell angles face either northwest, southwest, or west, and they break on the left when over a submerged reef. Despite its good surf, Taapuna is not without its dangers. Surfers must watch out for sharks and fire coral, along with rip tides.


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