Greenpeace Encourages People to Keep Oceans Free of Plastic

Greenpeace pic

With a strong background in sales and acquisitions, Big Sur, CA, resident Frank Chenault opened Chenault Enterprises and serves as its acquisitions director. A surfer for a majority of his life, Frank Chenault remains active with nonprofits dedicated to helping the environment, including Greenpeace.

Established in 1971, Greenpeace began when several activists leased a fishing vessel and traveled from Vancouver, Canada, to Amchitka Island in Alaska to protest nuclear testing off the coast. They sought to bring worldwide attention to the dangers of nuclear testing and succeeded in their endeavor. Since then, the independent organization has raised awareness of issues such as commercial whaling and global warming.

One of the areas it focuses on is the health of the oceans, which provide a home to more than 70,000 species. Greenpeace strives to keep the water free of pollution. According to the organization the United States produces 15 billion pounds of plastic annually, but only a billion is recycled, with much of the discarded plastic ending up in the ocean. You can help keep the oceans clean by following these tips:

* Pick up and dispose of litter anytime you see it.
* When purchasing a beverage six-pack or seeing a discarded six-ring can holder, cut each ring first, as these can snare marine mammals if the plastic ends up in the ocean. But try to properly dispose of the holder.
* Avoid buying products that come with excessive packaging, and bring a reusable bag when shopping.


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