When to Visit Tahiti

Frank Chenault, a resident of Big Sur, California, leverages the skills and knowledge he gained while working for the Quantum Group to lead Chenault Enterprises as head acquisition director. In his free time, Frank Chenault, an avid traveler, has visited such places as Tahiti.

With temperatures that average between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, Tahiti is well known for its tropical environment. There are only two real seasons on the cluster of islands: winter and summer. The winter, which lasts roughly from May to October, is the most popular time for visitors. During these months, temperatures are perfect for the beach and humidity is low. However, due to the immense crowds, prices are high and the environment is slightly less peaceful. Additionally, certain island activities, such as surfing and snorkeling, can be difficult due to the number of tourists who are there.

Summer lasts from November to April and it brings high humidity and a fair amount of rain. December and January are the rainiest months and humidity is often highest from November through March. Although the islands are frequently less busy during these months, hotel prices remain relatively high. Still, visiting Tahiti during the summer can be far more relaxing and personal than visiting during winter and, although humidity is often high, the actual temperatures stay around the same as during winter.


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